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Access Links

These links are necessary for entry and access into the studio. Please have it handy once you arrive and tap the link which will unlock the main entrance (of the building) and the 3rd floor. These links become available and are only valid during the date and times below; each link is specific to a time slot and will only work within that timeframe. Once the end time is reached, the link will instantly become invalid and will no longer grant access; this ensures effective time management. Use the access link that your specific appointment time falls into and ensure that you arrive during or 10 minutes before your time slot, as we will not see anyone who is more than 10 minutes late (no exceptions).


Friday, Jan 26th

75 Stewart Ave, 3rd Floor, Unit 311, Brooklyn NY 11237

10:00AM - 10:59AM

11:51AM - 12:50PM

1:51PM - 2:40PM

11:00AM - 11:50AM

12:51PM - 1:50PM

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